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    All The Types Of Toners Available In Bangladesh In 2022

    All The Types Of Toners Available In Bangladesh In 2022


    A computer printer is considered as a peripheral device that helps the user by putting either Graphical Image or Normal Text on to the Paper. This helps by reducing the work needed to manually write or draw out the graphical image. The first printer was made by Charles Babbage in 19 Century which had mechanical apparatus that required manual work to complete a specific work. The design that he made for the mechanical printer was not built before 2000 for mass use. The Japanese were the first to invent an electronic printer which was the EP-101 made by Epson that was released in 1968. From the 1980’s up to the present day, there are my types of printers made to suit the needs of all types of user’s needs. The types of printers that are available in the world market are, the Laser, Solid Ink, LED, Business Inkjet, Home Inkjet, Multifunction, Dot and 3D Printers.

    Type Of Printers Available In GoldenBd

    GoldenBd has a large collection of Printer Types that you will be able to choose from to fulfil your need. The Types of Printer that are available in GoldenBd are:

    1. Laser Pinter:

    The first Laser printer was made in 1960 by Xerox that uses a laser to produce an image onto the drum of the copier, then the image is drawn out by the copier drum on to the paper. These types of printers are very efficient and productive in their work. There are many advantages when you work with a laser printer. The laser printers are cheaper than inkjet printers and has a higher productive rate. This printer has a higher printing speed and paper capacity. There are also disadvantages that go allow with this printer too. The disadvantages of this printer are that, it may take little time to warm-up before printing anything out. The size of these types of printers are big, meaning that it will require a big space to setup and it also requires enormous amounts of energy that interns in emission of carbon in small amount.

    2. Business Inkjet Printer:

    The way an Inkjet Printer works is by dropping various size of ink drops on to the paper. This is the most used type of printer used by customer. This type of printers are made from large scale usage to provide services for busy work environments because of the its incredible print out performance. This type of printers are very robust and reliable and that is why these printers are very common in office areas. The benefits of using this type of printers are that it can produce high quality photo-realistic prints that are detailed and it is done is faster due to its warm-up time being very low. This printer does not require large areas to setup as it is small in size. Even with these many advantages, there are still drawbacks with this printer type. The print out from this printer is much more expensive compared to most of the laser printers that are available and it also prints our wet prints, meaning that the ink has not yet been dried. The final drawback of this printer type is that it is not as reliable as a laser printer.

    3. Home Inkjet Printer:

    The Inkjet Printer use a method that requires the printer to drop different sizes of droplets on to the paper. This type of printers are used most commonly in both official and domestic areas. The popularity of this printer is enormous because it has multiple advantages compared to the small number of disadvantages. The benefit of using this printer is that it is capable to produce photo-realistic prints without having any warm up time and the best part is that it is small in size allowing it to take up minimum amount of space. But still there are drawbacks to this type of printers which are that the cost of per print page is very expensive and with that the printing speed is also noticeably slow. It also shows wrong error like empty cartridge warning while the cartridge is still full, the printer is also vulnerable to paper getting stuck inside the printer and the printer prints out wet prints that may get smudged if not careful.

    4. Multi-Function Printer:

    Multi-functional Printers or All in One Printers has the capability of performing multiple tasks through a single unit. The task that it can perform are printing, copying, scanning, and sometimes also faxing. For this reason, offices tend to focus on getting multi-functional printers over normal printers as the multi-functional printers can perform more task then regular printers. This printer is suitable for both office and home environment as it does not require large amount of space. The advantage of using this printer is that, it is very cost efficient when comparing with multiple devices which can do the same work and it is also much more compact when considering multiple devices. This printer can perform multiple tasks one by one and is also much more power efficient when comparing with multiple devices doing the same thing. The only problem that the printer has is that, it will take long time to get your work done in a large workplace.

    5. Dot Matrix Printer:

    The method which Matrix Printer works on is that it uses a multiple number of pins to transfer ink from the cartage to the paper. This method of printing is the oldest way to print out required document or image. These method-based printers are still widely available in the market today. The benefit of using these printers are that, it has low unit pricing and has very low power consumption leading to low operating cost and also does not require high maintenance. This printer can also work without any problem is any weather condition. But the disadvantage of this printer is that it delivers print outs with low resolution and it is also little noisy.

    All these types of Printers are available in Star Tech and we are providing you with the best pricing compared to other retailers for these products in Bangladesh. We assure you that you will get the best quality printers that will give you the best performance in its price range. So, come and get the printer of your choice from our retail outlets or order online and get your product delivered to your area. Star Tech’s online delivery channel works all over Bangladesh including all the major cities such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet & Rangpur. You can order from anywhere in the country and we will send the desired Printer to your destination within shortest possible time.

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